My First Mother's Day

I guess it could have been a pretty uneventful, ordinary day. My parents moved around a lot of stuff to make it so they were here to help me celebrate my first Mother's Day. With Jimmy in the hospital, they probably knew I'd be alone with Spencer. It ended being such a great time! 

We got to-go breakfast from my favorite place and went to an early supper before we all went to the hospital. Our dear friends Angie and Cameron were here in town and it was so good to have some laughter and familiarity in the house, although it was tough not having Jimmy here. 

It's been over two weeks since he's been in the the hospital. We miss him something terrible around here. Hopefully this week he'll be able to come back home. I'm grateful for these folks, though, who made this day pretty special for me and the babe. Hearts!
Three Generations on Mother's Day
Me and My Spencie.


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