Spencer: 6 Months

Dear Spence:

Your half-birthday was on April 29th, buuuuut we've been busy. 

As I type this, I'm waiting on them to come get Dadda to take him off to surgery. He's getting some stuff fixed. He's been in ICU for over a week and I'm pretty optimistic he'll come home in a heck of a lot better shape than he left, although the road to recovery will be lengthy. You're safe and happy at home with your Gigi and Peepops who drove in last night to watch you. 

You've been so good considering you've spent a lot of the last week being looked after in the ICU waiting area. You're not allowed back into this unit, so you haven't seen your Dadda since he's been in. I can't wait for the reuniting of my two favorite people. Big smiles all around, for sure. 

You did get to see him for several hours in the ER the day we called the ambulance. You were such a charmer to the rescue workers. Pretty sure you got just as much attention as your Dadda. 

So many friends have been helping out in watching you so I could be with your Dad. The help has been amazing. I've learned all you have to do is ask. Ask and you shall receive, dear one. People will rise to the occasion. 

It helps that you're the happiest and easiest baby on the planet. Thanks for that, by the way. 

You got your first sickness this month. You got a cold, a temp, and then an ear infection immediately following. I got your cold and mine turned into an upper respiratory infection. It was a rough couple of weeks. We were both on Amoxicillin for our ailments. And it turns out, you might be Amoxicilin allergic. Once you were getting it from your dose and mine via breastmilk-- you started developing giant hives. Oh, that wasn't scary at all.

I think you're back to being your healthy, happy self. 

With all the babysitting and running to the  hospital and not being able to use some Amoxicilin-tainted milk, we realized how unprepared we were in terms of having a milk stash. We tried formula as a supplement. You only liked it mixed with Mama's milk. By itself? Gags. However, we tried some apples this week and you seemed to love them! 

You're sitting up pretty good. You love to make eye contact and really look at who has you. You smile more than anyone I know. 

It's a crazy time right now and you're handling it like a pro. It's almost as if you understand why I have to leave you all the time. 

Dadda will be home soon! 



  1. She is such a cutie. And a charmer. Younglings are so amazingly resilient while us moms stress out! Glad you are both feeling better and hope Dadda gets to see his girl soon. She wll be the healing medicine he needs.


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