Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spencer: 7 Months

Hey Spencie,

Oh wowww. Seven months. You really turned a corner, didn't you? Eating lots of different fruits and veggies, (while still nursing - yay, us!) leaving Mama to decipher among all the different poops you've been having, and not having. Joys.

You're talking more, SCREAMING more and moving more.

And, you smile more! Nothing like dragging myself to the crib at all hours only to see you crack the biggest smile ever upon the sight of my shadow. 

I'm not sure what developmental hell you're going through at this time, but good god crazy girl! Just sleep. I promise you won't miss anything. You went from sleeping through the night, to definitely not. It's time for mom to refer back to the Google machine on this one. It's an act of congress to get you to sleep at night, slip you ever so delicately into the crib, and then tip-toe out. Then when you wake up two hours later... bang. head. against. wall.

Maybe just a phase? We can only hope.

Let's talk about yesterday when you got kicked out of  gym daycare. You totes did. Nothing like having them call me over the loud speaker while I had headphones on and was doing cardio.

Poor baby. Just fussy. Dadda says you have a record now.

Not crawling yet but pretty close I think. You've nailed the backwards shuffle. And you're sitting up really well. You scream DAAaaa! Sometimes you'll say Daaaa-Daaaa. So you're Dadda is pretty happy about that.

You love the bath (can't wait to get you swim lessons), love outside (we need to go swing!) and love going for car rides and looking out the window.

You're so loveable and so aggressive with your love, by the way. You scratch my face, and saliva it up real nice. I look like a teenage boy needing some Pro-Active, Adam Levine style. ACNE where you strategically place your little saliva pockets. Simma down nah.

I love you so so so so much.

Thank you for soothing my soul always.


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