Spencer: 8 Months


My love. You've become quit the explorer as you started crawling consistently within just the past week. You're not one for sitting still anymore, at least not for long. You've even pulled up a few times while holding onto your crib, the couch and me. Your favorite is to climb up my leg.

You're very social and happy. You spit and blows raspberries -- that's when I know you're content. You love to be held by anyone and see what's happening at adult eye-level. You're still very curious and love to look at people in the face and eyes and take them in.

We've started sleep training. You're doing great! Think we're both on the path to better sleep and better nights, although it's SO HARD.

You've spent some time around your BFFs Luna and Jenna lately. You get so excited around other babies! We traveled with friends this past weekend and had a house full of kids, all ages. I think you loved it! When we got there, we plopped the babies in front of each other. You screamed with excitement SO LOUD that you made Jenna cry. I've never seen you do that! We travel with Baby Luna soon. Excited to see how you do.  

You're a great eater! Along with nursing, you've eaten all the veggies and fruits I've given you. You still prefer purees, but you're slowly getting acquainted with some other more solid, not liquid food.

You're the twinkle in your Dadda's eye and made Father's Day truly mean something special for him this year. He loves you so much and loves watching you grow and flourish right before his eyes. You light up when you see him and it awakens his soul.

We love you to pieces!



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