What I Want To Remember

Spencer Rosalyn, 8 Months Old
I want to remember how you woke up twice this morning. Once at 5am. Then again at 8am. How happy you were to nurse. You flailed your arms and legs about, joyfully. How you fussed when I put you down to play while I got my very much-needed morning coffee. How you sat with me on the bed and tried to dive after the remote and my phone. How we picked out your outfit: something very pink that still had tags on it. How we strapped you in the car seat; the fussing stopped and the observing began as soon as the stroller wheels rolled. How you looked out your window at the sun bleeding through the trees. It almost put you to sleep. How you screamed a shrill when I turned off the car because you knew I was coming to get you. How you peacefully went to the caretakers at the gym daycare. How excited you were when I came to pick you up. How you hummed, cooed, sang, and spit in your car seat on the way home. How daycare must have worn you out -- you slept over two hours when we got home. How big time you were sitting in the big girl part of the shopping cart at the store. How much fun you had with Dadda running around in the halls of our condo building in your walker as I put groceries away. How you patiently played while I gave him a long overdue shave. How you sat next to Dadda in your high-chair as you both required a snack; two bites for you, one for him. Repeat. How you like to watch closely as our caretakers transfer Dadda into bed.  How happy bath time makes you. How you love to read your favorite book, "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" It's the only book that you pay attention to and don't try to eat.  I want to remember how you happily gulp your last milk of the day and drift off into sleepyland. How you sweet you look and sweet you smell as you lay asleep on my chest.

Usually I countdown the hours until bedtime. Tonight, however, I missed you before I even put you down in your crib.

I want to remember the normal day we had and how much better you made it. How much more lively and funny you made our day and make all of our days.          


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