Spencer: 10 Months

My Spencer,

Double digits! We made it to 10 months. Your personality continues to shine through. You love to coo, hum, sing and shout. We know you're happy and content when you do your little motorboat/spit combo. It's hilarious.

Eating has become an adventure. We've been working on transitioning to table food. You still love you some peanut butter. We have a dedicated jar in the house that's all yours. But now, you've taken to eating Dadda's oatmeal, and for that matter, his yogurt as well. You still eat all and any puree I give you.  You're even coming around to the ones with bits. We recently discovered you love mac and cheese! Carbs! Peanut Butter! You'll fit in just fine round here.

You're constantly on the move. You've gotten more efficient with your crawling and you're standing really well with support. You can move from couch to coffee table to chair all while standing. You haven't let go yet, but it's coming soon. I can feel it. You're getting confident.

I feel like we've engrained "Dadda" in your brain so much that you kinda call eveything Dadda. Oops. Sooo we're trying to get you on some other words. You get SO excited when you see your rubber duckies (we have several around the house and of course in the tub because you love them so) and it sounds like you might be trying to say Duckie. Maybe?

You're killing it in your walker, zooming all around and you love to hang in your Johnny Jumper on the patio with Dadda. You love walks in your stroller but Mama partially ran over it, so it's a lot of carrying and the Ergo at the moment.

I'm really so proud of how well you do at the playcenter at our gym. You're warm with the caretakers and social with other babies, and yet still pretty independent. I love to watch you play and be happy. But it's even better when you hear the sound of my voice at pick-up time and you SCREAM with excitement. Every single time. Cracks everyone in the room up.

You're my jam. You're my joy. You're my love.

I can almost look past you pooping in the tub the other night.



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