Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Friend's Father

Looking back through my pictures, I came across this amazing moment. 

This August, I found myself back in my hometown sitting in the living room of a high school best friend. 

Her father died unexpectedly.  It was so untimely for the family, so heartbreaking and being in that house without the sound of his voice felt off.  He was always so welcoming and supportive of me. Always a cheerleader.

So there we were. Spending the last moments we could with my friend before she left again to go back to the west coast and before we went on our way. My mom was holding Spencer and my friend Abby's son Peyton was entertaining her. 

In the middle of all this sadness was a little boy and a little baby smiling and playing. Two little rays of light. Such a special and such a needed moment. Abby's Dad would have adored it.  

Abby's baby and mine. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Us, Lately

Sick baby snuggles

1) Jimmy. 
Poor Jimmy. Ole boy just wants to eat. Tuesday will be 14 days since his throat surgery, and 14 days without food. He's had his NG feeding tube in since, which is quite irritating for him. He's also still got some pain in his neck, especially when positioned in a certain (necessary) way.  We're looking forward to a very important follow-up appointment with his surgeon on Monday. 

2) Spencer. 
Shortly after Jimmy's discharge, Spencer got sick. What was just a little cough turned into a full-blown upper-respiratory illness with a some sort of eye-infection. Poor, poor child. Her eyes were sealed shut one morning. The. Saddest. Ever. She continued to eat, nurse and play amazingly enough. Still dealing with a lingering cough and snot bubbles. So many baby snuggles, but this one hit hard. 

3) Me. 
Apparently you can't will sickness away with your mind. Mama got sick, too. Got a twist of Laryngitis with mine and lost my voice for a few days. I seriously cannot ever remember losing my voice. Super fun and convenient when I was going back and forth trying to get Jimmy an appointment to get his tube feed out. Today there was a little more voice than yesterday. Last night, though, we sat down to read a bedtime story after her bath as we always do. I opened the book and opened my mouth and really forgot I couldn't talk. So we turned the pages and let her pull the flaps which she likes to do. Distraction! 

I'd like to think next week is gonna be better all around for our little fam and we can resume our normal.