Spencer: 11 Months

My Spencer, 

11 months! You're growing, developing and becoming your own little person right before our eyes.  

You took your first step this past week! But since, you haven't been interested in revisiting the subject since crawling is more efficient for you. 

You've learned to say "uh uh" when you drop something. You also say Duckie, Kitty Cat, can wave, and kinda say bye. 

You've finally learned to like human food, moving past baby purées for the most part. You love ravioli with marinara. Your eyes light up when I hand you a peanut butter spoon. And, you love yogurt for breakfast. 

You live for remotes, cell phones, tissues (to tear in a million small pieces and then to eat) and paper, and sadly, will no longer wear anything on your head. All those days of cute headpieces are currently on pause. 

You go on growing and doing your thing... I'll just be over here cherishing and treasuring your last month in infancy while living in complete denial you're about to turn one. 

Fastest year ever. 

I love you and love watching you blossom. 



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