A New Adventure

I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone on this one. Like way, way, way.  This is a challenge I'm ready to take. Gulp. Sales! 

Sometimes having a family to provide for means I think less about how annoyed people will get with me and the fact that I've added them to YET ANOTHER SALES GROUP ON FACEBOOK, and realize that might I actually be able to make this work for us. Staying home with the baby means the world the world THE WORLD. I'm really excited about this. Haven't worked since August 2011. Anxious to get back at it. 

I'm officially an independent sales consultant for Lularoe clothing. It's sassy. Chic. Trendy. Comfy, OMG SO COMFY. Lots of sizes. And, pretty affordable. (Omg, that sounded like a pitch ALREADY didn't it?)

Lularoe sells through their consultants only (That's me!). This stuff is catching on and people are digging it. *I'm* loving it, and my favorite color is grey. Seriously. 

So, if you're keeping track..

1) Provide for family. Check!
2) Personal challenge set outside of my comfort zone. Check!
3) Spruce up my life with COLOR (another personal challenge) and pretty patterns and more things to make me happy, as well as spreading the cheer. Check!

Let us all purchase pretty, colorful clothes (from me) and BE SO HAPPY. We can frolic together.

Thanks for your patience while I add you to my group. Please feel free to peace-out if you'd like.No hard feelings. If you wanna stay and hang with the cool kids, I'll be posting inventory, and announcements there. I also get to do what's called Pop-Up Parties, where you (yes, you) can play hostess and earn free clothes based on what I sell. LLR consultants get random sizes and prints with each shipment. Don't know what I'm getting yet, but I do know there's a heavy box on it's way to me from California. Yayyys.

Only time will tell if this is something great for me, or blah for me. I'm gonna try to be a good one. In the meantime, help me help you wear pretty clothes.

But in all seriousness... my family appreciates your love and support, as always.



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