Spencer: 12 Months

My Spencer Rosalyn,

A WHOLE YEAR OLD. It's just so unbelievable. The time has just flown and you've grown into a joyous little wonder. You're smart, happy, excitable and soulful. You're always watching, thinking and learning. Just like your first day of life; you're still so curious. I can't where to see that undeniable trait takes you in life.

How You Measure Up:
*Weight: 20.5lbs (60%)
*Height: 30.5 inches (90%)
*Head: 18 inches (75%)
*Diaper: Size 4
*Clothes: 12mo or 18mo
*Teeth: Two (bottom)

Some of What You're Doing:
*Walking! Really well. Just over the past two weeks you've gotten real confident. You actually reject the notion of shopping carts and don't understand why you can't walk around Target or Kroger. 
*You like to scream HEEEEYYY to every baby, small child and even sometimes a larger child -- really everyone you see. I mean scream. You made a full-grown, burly man jump because you screamed so loud out of excitement for seeing this stranger. Also, Kitty Cat. Dadda is your go to, of course. Bye. Mamamama, kind of. You kind of say cookie, too.
*Your favorite stuffed animals and toys you like to hug and squeeze around the neck. Friggin' cuteness.
*You live for remotes, cell phones, iPads, cords, tissues paper and leaves.
*You're currently super into fruit and veggie puree pouches, and have learned to feed yourself with those. Convenient. But you'll try mostly anything. Most of the time, you'll have what we're having. You've come a long way. You used to gag on most human food. 
*You truly do love outdoors. I love watching your eyes watching the wind rustle the trees, as you try and make sense of it.
*Social butterfly, hello! (See above, screaming at strangers and scaring full-grown men.)
*Pretty good sleeper. You snooze from like 7 or 8 to about 6:30.  
*You do pretty well with Dadda's nurses around the house. You have your favorites, of course. It seems you've gotten used to them coming in and out, medical noises like Dad's vent alarm, nurses riding with you in the back of the van, etc.
*Gotten your share of sickness from your little germ-covered buddies at the gym daycare. Building immunity, I suppose. And, you really do love it there. I love peeking in on you. You're so independent and only sometimes try and poke babies eyes out. You're starting to hang with the big kids and leaving the baby side behind. Tear. The caretakers love you. And I love that. 

A friend reminded me of a quote that sums up our first year: "The days are long. The years are short." Everyone tells me it goes by fast. Truths. Truths.  

Spencer Rosalyn, Thank you. Thank you, sweet girl.


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