Luna Lee and Spencer Rosalyn

Spencer has a best friend in this little girl already. You know how I know? Because Spencer Rosalyn repeatedly steals her paci (Spencer doesn't use a paci), and excitedly and sweetly, but with the aggression and the expected grace of a 1-year old, yanks, pokes and scratches at poor Luna.

And Luna will sometimes cry, and sometimes just watch in pure fear, but she still seems entertained and happy to have her buddy, just five months her elder around. Nothing but love!

We like to say that soon, Luna will catch up. And then... watch out little Miss Spence. It's on, probably. 

Can't wait to see the memories these two continue to make.  I love them both so much separately but even more when they are together.

PS) The backstory on Luna's mom, Jamie: Her and I have known each other and have been friends since middle school. Her and her husband were already in Atlanta when Jimmy got flown to the Shepherd Center in August of 2011. They were here with us and very much helped us along the way. Never then could I have imagined we'd both have baby girls together after something like that. Life is amazing!


  1. So cool, Jaim! Love when the little kiddos have little buddies. Looks like tons of fun with those two.


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