Spencer: 15 Months

Spencer Rosalyn Moore is 15 months old!

Stats: 23.5lbs heavy. 31.5 inches tall. Size 4 diaper. Size 18months clothes. Size 4T shoe size. 5 teeth.

What she's saying: HI! Bye! Night Night! Mama! Dadda! Kitty Cat! Duckie! Cookie! Keys! Water! EEE-eee (Her way of saying Gigi)! She's also saying a bunch of sounds associated with people she knows and animals. For example: "Spencer, what does a dinosaur say?" And she'll "ROWR ROWR ROWR!"

She's learned that her Dadda clicks for his nurses to come (something he did when right after his injury before he could talk - and it stuck) aaaand so when we say, "What does Dadda say?" Spencer clicks her tongue. Y'all. Pure hilarity. I die. 

Favorite foods: Shes a great eater! She loves blueberries, kiwi, oranges, peanut butter, pasta, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, guac, beans/chili, etc. Her comfort food is graham crackers. Recently was introduced to chocolate... no looking back now! 

Favorite books: Spencer looooves her books. She brings me a book and she'll turn around and sit in my lap ready to see what the book has to say. Sometimes over and over and over. Her favorite book at the moment is "I Love You, Stinky Face!"  But also she loves Goodnight Moon, any of the Karen Katz lift-the-flap books, and her Elmo books. 

Favorite show: Speaking of Elmo, this kid is obsessed! Spencer LOVES Elmo's World. She sings it (as much as she can without actually saying words) a lot of times a day. Sometimes I'll hear it over the baby monitor, she'll sing it while putting herself to sleep. I'm not one to plop my kid in front of the iPad all day, however... if I need to get a few things done and she's being an insane little person: YouTube. Elmo. Done. She doesn't even care if it's the same one. She's glued. She's starting to come around to Sesame Street as a whole, but Elmo is certainly very much still her homie. Once, we saw another kid holding an Elmo doll. I got super nervous Spencer would attack him. It's that serious.

What she's doing: Spencer is walking, running and climbing. Just within the past week I've found her wanting to stand on her little baby chairs, her rocking chair, rocking horse, in the tub, etc. If I forget to break down the stroller, she'll climb up that and stand in it, jumping in it. She's learned it's fun to jump on the bed. Eh. She can open all the lever-handle doors in our condo. She can push the buttons on the washer and effectively stop my load mid-cycle. She can climb steps and is now learning to climb down them. She's learning to knock on doors. She's gotten great at pushing buttons.

She waves hi and bye. She can blow kisses. She will show her tongue when you say, "let me see your teeth!" She puts her hand up to her ears (like a telephone) when she hears the house phone ringing. She can sign "more please" when she wants more or gets hungry. She also knows the sign for water. She can show you her belly button, teeth, nose, feet, fingers, etc. 

She's just learned to put items back in things. Toys in baskets, etc. That's huge! I don't think I taught her directly, she must have learned from watching me.

She loves her Dad's wheelchair. And unfortunately for him, he doesn't even have to be in it. She likes to sit in it when he's in bed. She'll sit in it so proudly. She'll play with any and all buttons, especially the ones that make a BEEP.  She's even found where his back-up manual w/c is, and likes to bounce on that.

You may or may not know, I'm now a consultant for LuLaRoe (shameless plug)  which means there are several clothing racks in the house. She loves to run through the hanging dresses and let them sweep over her. 

What she loves: She loves the Play Center at the Y where I work out. She has such fun there and is so happy with the caretakers and other kids. She loves the park; the swings, the toys, the steps. She loves our neighbors and will help herself in their house once they open the door for her. She loves FaceTiming with her Gigi and Peepops daily around dinner to see them and the kitty cats. She loves animals. Dogs. She's surprisingly gentle with dogs and will slowly stick her hand out to them. She loves music and loves to dance; she's really enjoying a Mommy and Me music class we've been taking. She loves outdoors. Loves elevators. She loves this puppy pillow (pictured above) someone got her for my baby shower which we lovingly call Puppy Brother. She really does love pillows in general. It's quite cute. She'll grab one just to sit on.

Personality: She's a shiny, happy baby. Very smiley. Very friendly. Very social. Very vocal. She will hug another kid/baby around the neck after just meeting them with no problem. Sometimes the reactions from the other kids are priceless. Like, many aren't happy about it.  She gets ornery when hungry (like her Mama) and has tantrums like any other kid. She's just learned that she can pinch, bite and slap. That's been fun!

Sleep: Spencer, overall, is a pretty good sleeper unless she gets sick, teething, or we travel, of course. She sleeps in her crib with her two teddy bears, one of which we call Night Night Bear. He plays like ten minutes of lullabies, which she loves. She knows how to turn it on for when needs the comforting tunes of ole NNB overnight. She's gotten very good at putting herself to sleep, thanks to some sleep-training. I'm now a firm-believer. She'll lay in her crib after I put her down for sometimes 30 minutes singing, whimpering, talking herself to sleep without actually crying.   

She is a gem and brightens the day of just about anyone. She is our happiness! And, I love to see all the layers of her personality as she grows. Happy 15 months, Spencer!

Quit that growing stuff right now!


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