Happy Birthday, Husband of Mine

Grateful for another birthday! 
Today was a good day! Jimmy woke up feeling good, happy and excited about his birthday. The baby took in her gifts to him and her card where she "signed" her name. We spent the day together. Our neighbors then watched Spencer so we could enjoy an extremely rare dinner out. It was wonderrrrrful. They even sent a happy Spencer picture to assure me she was fine! I was so happy to get that, not that I had any doubts. Our neighbors are amazing! Jimmy and I came home miserably full, yet happy! The baby screamed an ecstatic scream when she saw us but we can tell she had been having all of the fun.

Jimmy and I talked about his birthday last year. What a way he has come in 365! I remember he had friends in town this time, last year. The boy was so sick he couldn't get through one slice of pizza. He was so ill and we didn't know at that point just how bad off he was. He lasted two more weeks like that before we finally did have to call 911. That eventually led to his month-long hospital stay.  

For all that have been asking, Jimmy is doing well! I know I don't update much, but usually no news is good news with us. All of the wounds he got during that scary time last year have pretty much healed up as he gained weight back. He's eating just fine! Fatigue is always an ongoing issue but trying out a new sleep med that I think he just might do well with. He hasn't been doing a ton of time off the vent, but the fact that it's an option for him whenever he's ready is pretty great. He's liking outings! He loves going on walks his girls downtown to the park or to grab a bite. He likes to sit and enjoy the fresh air on our patio. Likes keeping up with his friends through social media and calls/texts. Does he have bad days? Yep. Does he have REALLY bad days? Yep. We deal with them as they come. But the good days are more often than they used to be and that makes for a happy family of three!

He's adjusted to life with LuLaRoe pretty well. It takes up the little spare time I did have left, so it certainly was an adjustment all around. But, we've started to find a balance. I know he misses my attention, but I think he might be proud of me in my new adventure. :)

I know I'm proud of him and the fact that he's able to sit at dinner with me and be... happy. Clearly there is so much to be sad about and angry about, and we are a lot of the times - sad and angry. But, sometimes I look at him sitting in his wheelchair, unable to move, and I just appreciate the laid back smile he has on that face. It's not all bad.

It's certainly not all bad.

Happy 46th, James Water.

I love you!


  1. Jimmy is a true fighter dear and wishing him a healthy long life. You are his true support and nothing can be more wonderful in his life than this. I also celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday at one of his favorite venues in NYC and he loved it too.

  2. Loved your post! My husband Dennis is on a pacemaker but uses the vent once a week. Last year he was so sick we thought we were going to lose him. What a difference a year makes!! Rejoicing for you and yours!

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