This photo pretty much sums up our morning in church.

Home girl was all over the place. Dropped Cheerios like it was her duty. I tried not to let anyone hear them crunch under my feet as we stood. She was jabbering to the family behind and in front of us. She would basically only stop when I brought out the treats or when the music started. But, we showed up. She sat with me. And, I was able to get something out of the mass that I could take with me.

Don't just go through the motions. It's not worth it unless your heart's in it. And also, get to know your community. Let them in.


There was so much kindness shown to me and restless Spencer in that short amount of time at church. Those who would try to distract her and entertain her over my shoulder. Those who would smile at me, letting me know it's okay.  

It was a good little slice of my day. We never get to church for so many different reasons. But I felt okay there. I felt appreciated for making the effort with a wiggly little one by myself.  And of course, it's always a comforting place, having grown up going to mass.

Spencer will be baptized in the coming months, and I'm so happy about it. Regardless of what Jimmy or I believe, there's always room for more love, acceptance and understanding.

I'm thankful for the rare amazing night of sleep I had last night that gave me the energy and idea to get us ready for church.

It was an enlightening little experience for me... even if Spencer did drink some holy water on the way out.


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