Two and a Half

Spencer Rosalyn, 2.5
Decatur, GA
My Spencer is Two Point Five! There's NO way she's a mere six months from THREE. Nope. Nope. 

Annnnnywho, her well check-up went great! She's a healthy, bright little girl. And tall!

Size 6 diapers.
Size 3-4T clothes.
Size 7-8 shoes.

Still no back molars yet, but I think they're coming. 

So what is Spencer doing these days?

She loves:
"Dorothy" (Wizard of Oz)
Mary Poppins
Sara & Duck
Daniel Tiger

My FAVORITE thing she says right now is: I wanna jump in the CUDDLES! (Instead of puddles - I die.)

She also said for the first time last evening, "I love you to pieces!"

She has recently picked up on this: when I'm trying to discipline her, she'll quickly say I LOVE YOU MAMA! And hug me around my neck. Howwww has she learned this tactic, already?

When her Dadda has bad leg spasms, and his legs flail uncontrollably about, she gets truly concerned and says, "Mama help! Mama help!" She pulls me to him and puts my hands to his legs as to help put his legs back up. She knows he needs some assitance.

Naps and bedtime are not her favorite. Tears. Angst. Diversion tactics such as sudden thirst, hunger and the need to say goodnight to Dadda. Again.  It drags on and on... aggghh!

Sharing is tough at this age for ole girl.  The temper and tantrums have also started. 

She loves being tickled.

She loves playing dress up with costumes, hats, crowns, jewelry, and Mama's shoes.

She loves to dance and sing and she LOVES music.

She started her first swim lesson recently and adores it. She's progressing quite well and likes going underwater.

She goes to Children's Morning Out 3-4 times a week, for a few hours a day and loves, loves it! It's her happy place. She has completely blossomed in this environment. She has art, music, snack/lunch, outdoor time, circle time, etc. She comes home dirty and exhausted. It's wonderful.

She's a social butterfly, as she always has been.

Pure joy to be around, even when she's not.

Love you Spencie!



  1. Oh those sweet words...I love you momma. And just the right timing. She's a smart one! The Osborne's love you too Spencer!

  2. So cool, Jaim! You rock, Spencer!

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