Spinal Cord Injuries

Just a few things I've come across during our Spinal Cord Injury journey... 
This answers that question, and these: Where is the spinal cord and the vertebrae? What are the effects of SCI? IS there a cure? Do people with SCI get better? Does everyone who sustains SCI use a wheelchair? Do people with SCI die sooner?
A pretty fascinating infographic.
I've met so, so many people who are paralyzed because they dove into water.  It's scary and sad.
This place changed our lives for the better. I can't imagine where we'd be without these wonderful people who... just get it.  This is where Jimmy was for many months following his accident in 2011. I even lived on campus for a month myself.
This Facebook page is one I follow regularly. The pictures are inspiring as well as the stories. It's a wonderful organization.
This is an organization I was just turned onto from a fellow news peer. In late July, they announced they got the green light from the FDA to to begin a clinical trial to evaluate the safety of transplanting human Schwann cells to treat patients with recent spinal cord injuries.
These guys have trademarked the Wheelchair Heart symbol. We put a decal on our VW van.  I want to get the "That's How I Roll" shirt with the logo on it.
Spinal Cord Injury Peer Support
A wonderful blog about a gal married to a quad. She has published an eBook and was featured on VH1's "I'm Married To A..."
This movie inspired me and hugged me like nothing else. I wrote about it HERE.


  1. Center for Neuro Recovery is one of the nation’s top functional movement exercise facilities for individuals with neurological injuries and disorders such as spinal cord injury, stroke, ALS, or MS.



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